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Jon Miller
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Sioux Falls, SD
For countless years we've laboured under the generationally wealthy, powerful and well-bred elites. The 'Novus Ordo Seclorum'  or 'New World Order' they hold so highly in esteem will soon be reversed!
No longer are the secrets of the elite held solely by those who desire control - Carlton, Zachary and I have brought them to the masses!
The time for action, poise and sheer courage in the face of tremendous adversity has come. Take heed to the breadcrumbs "THEY" have left inadvertently in their paths. Learn their ways and repeat their strategies so you may 'be wise as serpents and gentle as doves' in this world.

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With Private Wealth Academy

You'll finally be the one in control of your future...

We're a group of experts dedicated to private wealth education. We believe that you should be the one in control of your wealth, wisdom and financial future. Our mission is to empower you by teaching the same secrets the elite use to eliminate taxes, protect assets & grow wealth.
With the power of trusts, private contract and proper jurisdiction you can establish & operate through the only true form of private organization, giving you more freedom & opportunities to build a lasting legacy for yourself, your loved ones and humanity as a whole.
We offer dozens of free workshops on asset protection, real estate taxes, stopping foreclosures, beating traffic tickets, building $50,000 in corporate credit or personal credit - even how to cut your mortgage in half!
Begin your journey towards financial freedom by joining Private Wealth Academy today. You'll learn to live within a system that lets you flourish like an elite once these secrets are unveiled.

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It's Our Mission To Help You Privatize, Protect and Proliferate Your Wealth

Bulletproof Trusts
A 401(k) is taxed and can lose money; we teach you how to PROTECT ANY ASSET from lawsuits or seizure by government while reducing your taxes!
Corporate Credit
Don't gamble with your own money! Learn how to get $50K in business credit without NO PG, meaning you don't have to pay back any debts personally! 
Debt Removal
Don't consolidate or reduce your debt - ERASE THE DEBT 100% like it never existed! Even get the same credit cards and lines of credit over & over again!
Elite Tax Secrets
Want an instant 30% pay raise this year? Learn how to reduce your income taxes to ZERO - legally! Keep what you earn by citing any of these laws!
Foreclosure Profits
Be an "answered prayer" for others and GET BACK 100% of principal payments after a foreclosure or tax sale (for a 30% finder's fee of course)!
Half Your Mortgage
Half your 30-year mortgage to 15-years without paying $1 more. Even better, we can cut a 30-year mortgage down to 5-years in just 4-5 steps!
Real Estate & Taxes
Learn how to remove yourself from 100% of property taxes, perfect your land patent and stop foreclosures cold. You can never lose your home with this!
Beat The Ticket
Speeding, red light, stop sign, DUI, DWI, drug possession tickets - you can beat ALL victimless crimes like these when you know what to tell the judge! 
Personal Credit
Got bad credit, no credit - no problem! Go from 0 to 720+ in 90 days! In fact, you can boost your personal credit score by at least 100 points in the next 10 days!

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Ron (Bulletproof Trust)

Mike (Bulletproof Trust)

Martha (Corporate Credit)

Hamilton (Corporate Credit)

Malachi (Corporate Credit)

Jane (Debt Removal)

Zach (Debt Removal)

Kelly (Debt Removal)

Teralyn (Income Taxes)

Kathleen (Real Estate)

Christina (Foreclosure)

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