1. Program Return Window

  • Beat The Ticket Secrets accepted within (90) days if unable to dismiss ticket.
  • Bulletproof Trust Secrets accepted within (365) days if unable to 1) open a bank account; or 2) reduce tax liability; or 3) protect assets.
  • Corporate Credit Secrets accepted within (365) days if unable to access $50,000 after 6 months and 10 vendor approvals.
  • Debt Removal Secrets accepted within (365) days if no derogatory accounts are removed after three (3) civil / small claims filings.
  • Elite Tax Secrets accepted within (180) days if unable to reduce tax liability.
  • ​​Foreclosure Secrets accepted within (180) days if unable to 1) find free leads; or 2) find deals with $10,000 USD in overages; or 3) get paid, despite contract.
  • Half Your Mortgage accepted within (365) days if unable to obtain HELOC after (3) bank denials and (2) additional bank denials from the custom-built first and second lien position vehicles we've supplied.
  • High Credit Secrets accepted within (180) days if unable to 1) increase credit score; or 2) get new credit card; or 3) get a free yearly credit report.
  • ​Mortgage Recovery Secrets accepted after (730) days if unable to recovery any funds from an 'extinguished' mortgage or double your money back.
  • Real Estate Secrets accepted within (180) days if courts don't rule for Land Patent.

2. Required Program Information

  • Beat The Ticket Secrets requires a valid Court Case Number and Court's Website URL.
  • Bulletproof Trust Secrets requires 1) 2x Suggested Bank Denial Letters; or 2) IRS Trust Rejection Letter; or 3) Court Case Number That Pierced Trust Web.
  • Corporate Credit Secrets requires 1) Vendor Tracking List; and 2) Current Business Credit Report.
  • Debt Removal Secrets requires All Three (3) Court Case Numberss.
  • Elite Tax Secrets requires IRS Rejection Letter.
  • ​​Foreclosure Secrets requires 1) Overage Lead List; and 2) Three (3) Counties You Work In; or 3) Court Case Number.
  • Half Your Mortgage requires all (5) bank denial letters. Denials resulting from a student's improper DTI calculation (i.e. deferred student loans), property-type given (i.e. told us it was a primary residence when it actually was secondary, rental/investment, fix and flip), or gave incorrect seasoning periods (i.e. 12 months, under contract deals, etc.) will not add towards the final count.
  • High Credit Secrets requires 1) Day 1 Credit Report; and 2) Day Ninety (90) Credit Report; or 3) Five (5) Credit Card Denials in Last Ninety (90) Days.
  • ​Mortgage Recovery Secrets charges will automatically be reversed alongside an additional payment if no funds are recovered within 24 months. Acceptance of additional payment denotes acquiescense of recovered funds to Private Wealth Academy for the applicable note
  • Real Estate Secrets requires a valid Court Case Number.

Refund requests must be received within the Program Return Window and include the Required Program Information. Private Wealth Academy reserves the right to reject any request if any requirements are not fully met. Demurral to enact a strategy is not failure of guarantee. Products may not be returned due to incompatibility with any software or device. No returns are allowed for financed purchases, coaching, physical products, and discounted or sale products. Refunds are issued minus costs, fees, processing expenses, or related charges. In the event of the item’s return, the client will be responsible for paying the shipping cost. Any subsequent refunds, chargebacks, or disputes will be sent to collections and reported to various consumer reporting agencies. Collection fees may be added to any outside collection activities to the maximum extent permitted by law. All return windows begin the moment an order is placed. Any request missing the Required Program Information or outside the Program Return Window will be automatically denied.

You must email contact [AT] any request. The request was not acknowledged if you do not receive confirmation within forty-eight (48) hours. It is the consumer's responsibility to ensure that all requests are correctly received and acknowledged. You may also mail your request to Private Wealth Academy, 401 East 8th Street, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57103. All written communications must be sent via registered or certificated USPS mail only. The Provider is not responsible for lost communications, late submissions, or incomplete requests.

LAST UPDATE: 07/04/2023

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