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This is hands-down the best education on this topic in the world and it will save you enormous amounts of money - GUARANTEED - as long as you follow all our directions.

If you’re like me, you’ve looked at your mortgage statements and seen how those monthly payments barely make a dent in the principal balance. But today that’s all about to change… because you’re about to discover a mathematically proven method of paying off your mortgage in 5-7 years using only your current income!
39.45 MILLION people have used this ‘secret’ before! 90% of all homeowners in Australia (7.7 million since 1994), 68% in Canada (11.5 million since 1998) and 30% in the UK (20.2 million since 2001) have used this strategy for themselves!

That’s why those same countries have the most people who own ‘2 or more debt-free residential properties’. 72% of all Australians, 12% of all UK citizens and 10% of Canadians. Again, it’s math - not magic! And we’ll methodically show you how this strategy really works!

Why are we so confident? Believe it or not, 100% of Americans used this strategy before 1913 to pay off their homes! And once again, the strategy is spreading like wildfire with people paying their homes off in 5-7 years. Your income, your lifestyle - NOTHING has to change!
The Average Students Saves $14,500.00 Every 6 Months!!!
This simple strategy is astounding - almost too good to be true - if we didn’t show you the simple math below. If that weren’t enough, we’ll be covering advanced strategies to pay off the home in even less time!

How? We just change where our money is held - nothing else! We keep our money in the bank’s operating account, just like your checking or savings accounts, but this is called a Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC). A HELOC, like any checking account, allows your money to freely go in and out.

So if a person needed money, they could go down to their bank and say, “My house is worth $100K and I owe $50K on that mortgage with you - can I get $25K?” And they’d give $25K, same day, and that person would pay interest on $75K now.
In fact, corporations and businesses have been using lines of credit, called sweep accounts, for almost 150 years! It’s not a difficult concept, but it takes a lot of education to avoid making mistakes.

Your monthly payment won’t increase; in fact, as time progresses you’ll lower the monthly payments!
Homeowners across America have been taught that paying on a mortgage for up to 30 years is just something that you have to do if you want to own a home.

The problem with this - is that it's simply not true! The reality is that homeowners now have a choice. You can either continue to pay on your mortgage for up to 30 years, OR you can have your mortgage paid off in as little as 5 - 7 years and convert your debt to wealth!

The banks are very good at building wealth with your money. Now, it's your turn.

And yes, you can use this to pays off ALL your debts too!

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Half Your Mortgage [$9,997 Value]

Learn how to cut your mortgage in half in time and save up to 87% on your total interest payments! If you've ever wondered how to own 3-4 homes free and clear within 30 years - this is how you do it! Real estate investors will have a 'hey-day' in every economic climate with the ability to pay less for any loan and utilize other parts of this program to turn a $500K investment into $10M within 30 years!

The 7 Scams of Every Mortgage [$497 Value]

EVERY mortgage contains multiple in-built scams (junk fees, MIP, MI, escrow, etc.) inside of each contract you sign? It's a harsh reality we all have to face, but you'll learn the tricks and how to avoid them - forever! If that doesn't deliver insane value, then you'll at least walk away never looking at a mortgage in the same way. You'll learn the truth of the entire banking system and the wool that has been pulled over our collective eyes!
Personal Liability
Corporate Credit Optimization

HELOC Secrets [$1,997 Value]

It's not just any old HELOC that works with this strategy. That's why learning the secrets of virtually every HELOC (despite the variety available) and how you can find the perfect equity line for your situation. Whether you're learning about interest rate immunity, how to avoid 100% of all freezes and calls, AVM vs appraisals or The Rule of 72, you'll be able to operate a HELOC in both the best and worst economic times - and profit!

Bank Questionnaire [$1,997 Value]

Ever wonder what questions you need to ask a banker who doesn't realize what a HELOC is or how it can work to pay off your mortgage faster - certainly needs to be COACHED on how to create this financial vehicle for you! Whether you choose a bank from our list or you want to look around elsewhere - this questionnaire will get any loan officer on the same page with you and have you set up in the correct HELOC - first time!
Corporate Credit List
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Our Secret Bank List [$4,997 Value]

We've vetted over 1000+ banks and had to cut over 90% of them because of our tight standards and requirements when it comes to delivering the best rates and HELOCs for our students. This list alone is worth the price of admission, and it is constantly updated so you are a lifetime member with the ability to see what the best banks are years from now!

Real Estate Investing Secrets [$7,997 Value]

HELOCs can be a perfect investing opportunity due to the leverage created when you save up to 87% on interest payments, have variable payments, potentially lower interest rates and so much more! That's why we've outlined the proper LTVs, requirements and actions to take whether you want to: purchase investment properties, rentals, vacation homes and even house flipping!
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Private Banking Secrets [$14,997 Value]

What if we could take any HELOC equity available and turn it into a 4.5% guaranteed return on investment - and even found ways to push that up to potentially 11% return on investment year after year? Then you're putting any spare money to work for you while earning amazing yields. If that weren't enough, the private banking program allows you to withdraw up to 100% of the investment for 100% liquidity. So if you want to invest in additional things, you'll receive a guaranteed rate of return while keeping full liquidity.

High Credit Secrets [$3,997 Value]

Anyone with a credit score under 640 will benefit greatly from the credit secrets shared inside. With the ability to increase your credit score by 100 points in 100 days, there is a certain ability to qualify for even the most stringent HELOCs. In turn, a higher credit score will have the bank issue lower interest rates - huge savings!
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Boost Your Score 50-100 Points in 30 Days [$997 Value]

Did you realize there is an even faster way to boost that credit score up and get approved for a greater variety of HELOCs within 30 days of starting this program? It's true, and the secret only costs $20-$30 a month to implement. Even better, as time rolls on you'll increase your credit score further and further.

Offset Account Secrets [$2,497 Value]

This single bonus will increase the speed in which you pay off your HELOC by an average of 20%! So if you were going to pay off a HELOC in 5 years, with these secrets you'll reduce that to 4 years. If that weren't amazing, then you haven't been paying attention to how fast a loan can be repaid with this strategy!
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HELOC Hyperdrive Strategy [$3,997 Value]

The Hyperdrive Strategy is not for everyone because it requires you to change your lifestyle for 70-80% of the recommendations; however, it will boost how fast your HELOC is paid off by an average of 43%!!! Thankfully, we've added a few strategies that don't require too much of a lifestyle change, but are more of an investment with a single year ROI between 100% and 1200%, thus allowing anyone to pay a HELOC off even faster.
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 How Will The Materials Be Delivered To Me?
Instantly! Upon checkout, you'll be redirected to the Member's Area login page. Enter your purchase email and set your password. Login and receive instant access to the materials.
 Is There Any Extra Or Hidden Costs?
This process is typically free to do, some banks may have refinancing  costs, but the fees will be negligible when compared to the savings you'll receive within the first month of having a HELOC!
 Why Don’t I Just Pay Extra Towards My Mortgage?
Why pay extra? With a HELOC you don’t have to put more money into payments, and yet you’ll still pay off your home faster than a traditional mortgage! In fact, any extra money you put into your HELOC can be withdrawn out just like a checking account.
 Can I Choose Which HELOC & Bank To Use?
Yes! There are different HELOCs and a variety of banks to choose from. We'll discuss this more inside and help you along the way too!
 Bank Freezes or Calls?
Out of 1500 banks and loan officers spoken to - not one has placed a freeze or call on one of our HELOCs, even during the last 2008 economic meltdown.
 Is Velocity Banking Better?
No, but it has its purposes for those will bad credit that cannot boost it past a 580.
 Aren't There Cheaper Competitors?
Cheaper doesn’t mean better. The old adage goes, “You get what you pay for.” Further, if you’ve seen our library of other programs, you’ll know we deal in the secrets of the elite. And virtually 100% of the elite use this strategy because we’ve been in the trenches with them and seen their finances. I doubt very few could say that. Further, you're paying for the support to help you into your first HELOC so you don’t screw anything up! There are risky things in those contracts, such as: acceleration clauses, freeze/call clauses, credit reporting practices that if they don’t report the HELOC properly will destroy your credit from DAY 1, predatory lending practices because first lien HELOCs are not federally regulated - you can get insane terms hidden in your contract with the wrong bank. We’re here to make sure you don’t make mistakes and end up in something that could crash your credit or have you losing your home!
 Is There Additional Support Offered?
Yes, we offer 24/7/365 email support and free workshops.
 What Is The Guarantee & Return Policy?
We guarantee that you’ll get into a HELOC and be able to half your  mortgage in time and interest when you follow our strategy as we've laid it out in the program. If you cannot get a HELOC after (3) banks have denied you, we’ll deep dive in and work through every bank we can find that would approve your lender profile - then send you (2) more banks to use. So you can count the number of applications on one hand! If you got denied after that, we’d be flabbergasted - but there’s always a first and we’d issue a full refund. But remember you have (1) year to make this work, the point is to NOT give up but to persevere because you’ll be saving potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars by seeing this all the way through!
 How Does This Half My Mortgage?
Well, the math shows that a $100K loan at 5% interest via a mortgage's amortization schedule will have you paying back $193K! Whereas a HELOC with daily interest calculations will lower the interest paid on a $100K loan to $113K paid back in total. That is a savings of $80K per $100K loaned! So not quite half in terms of total money, but certainly in terms of interest payments and time until the loan is paid in full - what mortgage can do that?
 High or Variable Interest Rates?
HELOCs are interest-rate immune. Even if your interest rate increases 1% every year due to WW3, a 30-year mortgage at a 5% interest rate has you paying back the bank $193K for every $100K borrowed. That's almost $2 owed for every $1 borrowed. Whereas with a HELOC at a 10% interest rate, only has you paying $130K for every $100K borrowed. So, a HELOC with an interest rate 200% higher than a mortgage saves you ~$65K on every $100K you borrow!
 Why Can't I Do This On My Own?
We’re the experts with the knowledge to make sure you get the best rates, best terms and most especially - don’t screw anything up! We’ve gone through 1500 banks to get a list of 100 banks that have written a Custom Portfolio Product specifically for our program and strategy. Just because you find a first lien HELOC doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best one. We find students would have left $15K to $20K on the table over the course of the next 5-7 years because they didn’t get the best product.
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