In the 1980s Carlton was a private investigator, with a focus on piercing private trusts – he was extremely good at his job… until he came across a trust known as The Private Express Trust.

Carlton researched everything about the trust and discovered it was how ALL the world’s elite keep their wealth and property protected from lawsuit.

Within months of creating his first trusts for clients, he saw these trust could not lose in court!

Jon Miller

Our leader through this entire process has been Zachary Miller.

Whether it is perfecting the small details of a final trust indenture or learning how to navigate the court system amidst a ticket removal process, there is always an answer found in Zachary.

No matter what situation you are in, we have a solution that can meet your needs instantly!

Search all of our wonderful products to learn more what Private Wealth Academy can do for you.

Carlton Albert Weiss

This discovery eventually led to Jon Miller bringing forward the Bulletproof Trust to the world!

You don’t need to become a lawyer or expert or memorize legalese. You simply need to read, sign documents and it’s done. Within a few years we learned how to shortcut the entire process and setup a Bulletproof Trust within 24 hours.

And they rest, as they say, is history!

Zachary Miller
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